Manufacturer: Elbit Systems Ltd.  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

New Overhead Remote Controlled Weapons Station-Multi (ORCWS-M) as an additional family member of Elbit Systems' ORCWS product line, including the 7.62mm, 40mm AGL and both the unmanned turrets UT-25mm and the UT-30mm. The common denominator in all of Elbit's remote weapon systems is the ability to fully function the weapon while under cover and with hatches closed. Survivability is further increased by the optic sensors package installed in every weapon station, as well as the complimenting 360 degrees, situational awareness, laser detection systems and other sensors. Based on in-house electro-optics, stabilization and precision actuation technologies and over 30 years of experience in fire control systems and field- proven, the Company's range of weapon stations are among the most advanced in the market.

The new ORCWS-M accommodates a variety of weapon calibers to include: 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 50 Cal. and 40 mm grenade launchers. These weapons are easily removable/installed in the cradle by the warfighters in the field. Using dual-axis stabilization, the weapon stations provide a high first round hit probability while on the move and engagement of both static and moving targets. Using both a day camera, a thermal night vision system, a laser range-finder and a search light assures high accuracy in all weather conditions and 24-hours a day operation. The electro-optics sensor package ensures target detection ("See First") at beyond the maximum effective range of enemy weapons and enables quick response to changing battle conditions.

This outstanding performance comes, with little increase in overall vehicle weight. The ORCWS-M is fully overhead, eliminating deck penetration. Gunner/Commander work stations are small in volume to save space in the [tied] cabin environment. The ORCWS-M is light weight and offer additional functions such as Automatic Target Tracking and manual backup operation in case of power loss, optical pod super elevation and traverse drives for ballistic compensation at the outer ranges of the weapons.

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