Manufacturer: Textron Marine & Land Systems  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Reconnaissance Vehicle  

COMMANDO four-wheeled armored vehicles enable you to “Strike Swiftly” by delivering exceptional performance across the full spectrum of military operations. Rigorously tested and proven in the toughest environments, the COMMANDO family of vehicles offers a range of protection up to and exceeding MRAP level, unmatched on-road/off-road mobility and ample firepower. Drawing from three vehicle lines, we deliver customized capabilities that meet each customer’s mission needs at a price unmatched by our competition. As a full-spectrum armored vehicle provider, we're also there every step of the way. We offer customers vehicle fielding, training and logistics support in addition to excellence in vehicle design and manufacturing.

Commando Family of Vehicles

  • Commando Advanced

  • Commando Select

  • Commando Elite

  • Commando Utility

COMMANDO Advanced four-wheeled armored vehicles, derived from our Armored Security Vehicles (ASV), are combat proven over 10 years, in locations including Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia. These durable armored vehicles offer excellent on-road and off-road mobility enabling them to operate in urban, jungle, desert and mountainous terrain. Crew protection is reinforced with a V-shaped hull bottom and 360-degree protection from direct fire. Customers utilizing the current COMMANDO Advanced fleet can upgrade to MRAP-level 1 crew protection through an Enhanced Survivability package. Commonality across COMMANDO vehicle types makes them easy to operate, maintain and repair. COMMANDO Advanced vehicles are extremely dependable. Those in use by the U.S. Army have delivered an excellent operational readiness rate - consistently above 90 percent.

Reconnaissance Vehicle

COMMANDO Advanced Recon Vehicles provide an armored reconnaissance platform that incorporates both ballistic and blast protection.

Armored Personnel Carrier

COMMANDO Advanced Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) provide additional troop capacity to a highly mobile, survivable medium armored vehicle.

Armored Security Vehicle

COMMANDO Advanced Armored Security Vehicles provide substantially increased mobility and survivability compared to other medium armored vehicles.

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