Manufacturer: Takata Protection Systems Inc. - TPS  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Seat Belts  

Fasten the TIS2 and it automatically adjusts belt length and tension to fit your size and shape. Unbuckle the TIS2 and it automatically retracts all belts allowing for quick and easy egress.

TIS2 Features

The TIS2 ergonomic design accommodates occupant sizes ranging from 5th percentile of females to 95th percentile of males. It automatically adjusts to fit your body size with your gear and will reset every time. A turn of the buckle quickly releases all belts in a single motion and allows occupant to exit vehicle rapidly. A remote release enables another person to quickly and easily release an injured occupant from the seat.

Available in 3, 4, and 5 mounting point configurations with multiple motorized seat belt retractors, the TIS2 can be mounted belt-to-seat or belt-to-vehicle. The TIS2 can be installed as original equipment at the OE factory or as a field retrofit safety system for:

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