Manufacturer: I.M.I. Israel Military Industries Ltd  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Armoured car  

CombatGuard - a light, agile off-road armored vehicle at the Eurosatory. Adapted to asymmetric and high intensity warfare, IMI claims it offers unprecedented protection, speed and mobility even in the most rugged terrain for an armored vehicle of its class.

The CombatGuard supports different levels of protection, and has demonstrated mobility levels matching or exceeding tracked combat vehicles in certain conditions. IMI introduced the new vehicle at the Eurosatory international defense and security exhibition in Paris, France on June 16-20, 2014.

According to IMI the new vehicle is designed to address a wide range of missions and battlefield conditions, from high intensity combat through stability and peacekeeping operations.

CombatGuard is designed as a modular vehicle, enabling specific customization into combat or combat support variants, such as scout, command, intelligence and communications support and others. The protected mobility it provides enable combat units to rapidly deliver effects where and when required, supporting different operational missions on low or high-intensity warfare. Typical missions could range from border security, supporting counter-terror operations, to deployment in dense urban areas or other challenging terrain.

The vehicle was developed by IMI, providing the design authority for the vehicle and protection suite, with off-road mobility design and engineering provided by Ido off road center, the developer and designer of the Zibar offroad racer. The vehicle is powered by a rear mounted 300HP GM 6.5 L Cobra diesel engine coupled to a four-speed automatic transmission powering all four custom 54″ wheels. It can travel over 600 km (373 miles) range, travelling at up to 150 km/h (93 mph) on roads or 120 km/h (75 mp/h) off-road. At an eight-ton gross vehicle weight the vehicle can carry 1.5 tons of payload over rough terrain in sand, rocky and rugged terrain, ford water obstacles 1.5 meter deep, travel a 35% side slopes and climb over 70% gradient, vertical obstacles up to 80 cm in forward drive and in reverse.

Property Value
Number of drive wheels
Number of wheels
Weight (kg)
Payload (kg)
Engine power output (h.p.)
Engine cylinder volume (l)
Fording depth (mm)
Vertical obstacle (mm)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Max. road range (km)