Manufacturer: SAAB Barracuda AB  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Camouflage  

Saab Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) is intended primarily for protection of military vehicles during movement and in combat and helps the vehicle to blend in with the surroundings. The MCS is a flexible solution which can be applied in a number of configurations using different types of materials. The MCS providing stealth capability in the visual, near-infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar wavebands, dimming sensors, obscures targeting and fooling smart ammunition and giving a tactical and operational advantage.

The MCS is essentially a tailor-made, multi-purpose, Combat Vest enhancing survivability, sustainability and the logistics of a vehicle or platform relative a specific operational environment/requirement. MCS is designed to not degenerate the operational use or features of the original vehicle configuration and consists of interlocked panels, attached to the vehicle by a variety of techniques, none of which require modification to the vehicles.

The MCS with integrated heat reduction system (CoolCam) effectively reduces heat build-up from solar loading and environmental heat while operating in hot climate conditions. Minimizes the effects of solar loading passively, radically lowering the vehicle inner temperature, creating better conditions for both personnel and electronic equipment and preventing the ballistic effects from temperature changes and shortens time for cooling down to operational temperature and lowering fuel consumption by minimizing the fuel used for cooling.

Niklas Ålund, Key Account Manager, Saab Barracuda explains:

“Barracuda MCS, used by more than 20 nations world-wide, offer full multi-spectral protection and passive temperature reduction, while at the same time passively reducing the power consumption up to 25%. A newly executed study made by Thermo analysis INC. USA, shows that Barracuda MCS can create a cost-saving of 30 000 Euro in a year – for every vehicle used in theatre during operation.”

The MCS is optimized in colour, design and properties and can be adapted to any mission and theatre in hours and enhancing mission specific capability by the pallet of integrated features, as carrying system, shade net and shelters. MCS provides simplified logistics and the vehicle can be prepared for training or any mission in any environment in hours without repainting or mounting complex add-ons as extra air condition. MCS prevents dust and is designed to control the airflow around the vehicle to optimize visibility and minimizing service intervals for filters, engine and chassis.

The MCS can be complemented with Shading Umbrella. The multispectral umbrella system obstructs thermal and visual reconnaissance by enemy forces, including snipers, while allowing outward observation by the user. The system also offers shade and significantly reduces solar heating. Additionally, the Umbrella is lightweight, offers rapid deployment and stowage, and has been proven on a variety of vehicles.

The MCS can be complemented with Vehicle Load Carriage System. The Vehicle Load Carriage System offers an easy way of stowing extra material such as ammunition, water or personal equipment on the outside of the vehicle. The system consists of a series of straps that are sewn on the MCS, and to which pouches and bags of all different sizes can be attached.

The MCS from Saab Barracuda is a combat proven system and now in use by many armed forces around the world.

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