Manufacturer: EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o.  
Product type: Running Gear  
Name: Track chain with rubber-padded shoes  

Rubber pads for BMP track chains is a new upgrading item, suitable for infantry combat vehicles and different vehicle modifications built on their chassis. Applying rubber pads has a positive influence on driving quality, mainly on paved roads, which do not get damaged by the tracks. Their design means that rubber pads can be applied both on new and partially worn-out standard forged segments of BMP track chains. Usage of rubber pads also reduces wear of metal track parts, thus improving the economy of vehicle operation.

These rubber pads are designed for the standard shape of the forged segment of the BMP track chain, and they meet the demanding criteria for BMP operation. Track segments are modified for fixation of rubber pads made of special rubber developed for this purpose. Forged segments are modified by means of modern technologies, which together with a good quality mounting ensure high operating reliability with minimum maintenance demands.

Long-term verification of track chain sets with rubber pads has shown that infantry combat vehicles equipped with track chains with pads are able to manage even very difficult terrain and fulfil set tasks without special limitations. Compared to vehicles without pads, vehicles using tracks with rubber pads during operation achieve better driving properties such as:

The quality, reliability and service life of tracks with segments fitted with rubber pads have been verified by series of tests and especially by Czech units using BMP within UN International Forces.

Included in:
Product Amount
BMP-M1 CZ (Modernization of the vehicle)