Manufacturer: Raydon Corporation  
Product type: Training Simulators & Training Aids  
Name: Crew training simulator  

AB-FIST (Advanced Bradley-Full-crew Integrated Skills Trainer).

The AB-FIST program is a development and production contract. During development, the AB-FIST has been divided into two major subsets of functionality. The first subset is the development of a full crew trainer, which includes Bradley Advanced Matrix Exercises (Groups 1 through 4) and full vehicle functionality, including TOW missile, driver, auxiliary sight, and manual controls. The Instructor Operator Station (IOS) has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that displays and monitors crewmember controls and switch movements. This full Crew Precision Gunnery Trainer appends to either an M2A2 or M2A2 ODS. The trainer includes digital playback, printout of all records, and is powered by normal facility service (110 v 30amp) system or a standard issue military 10kw generator.

The second subset of functionality is the development and integration of networking multiple trainers for higher echelon training (i.e. section, platoon, or company, etc.). A Platoon Gunnery Trainer is the initial requirement. Additional crew trainer enhancements are also planned; these enhancements include the simulation of additional crew station controls, a commanderís remote keypad for instructorless training, a VCR for recording the training session, ability to save records to CD-ROM, the choice of either normal or panel targets in some exercises, and additional exercises. These include Group 0 (instructor-selected training scenarios), Trainer Orientation, and Acquisition and Manipulation (including tracking board replication). The Basis Of Issue Plan (BOIP) calls for the procurement of 135 AB-FIST trainers that will be distributed throughout the U.S. Army National Guard, one to each Bradley equipped Company. This program began in July 6, 2001 and passed Interim Acceptance Testing in July 2003 and COFT comparison testing in August 2003. Final Government Acceptance Testing (GAT) will occur following both phases of development and is scheduled for August 2004. The program is proceeding on schedule and within budget. One crew trainer has been fielded to Ft. Benning, GA with four additional units nearing completion with plans to field them in October/November 2003.

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