Manufacturer: Raydon Corporation  
Product type: Training Simulators & Training Aids  
Name: Crew training simulator  

A-FIST XXI (Abrams - Full-crew Integrated Simulation Trainer XXI)

The A-FIST XXI contract is both an upgrade and a production contract. There are 132 vintage 1993 A-FISTs currently fielded throughout the U.S. Army National Guard. Although these systems perform successfully as trainers when simulating normal modes of operation, they are not able to simulate degraded modes operation, and .50 cal machine gun engagements also are not currently possible. Additionally, the older A-FISTs lack the extensive Advanced Matrix gunnery training approved by the U.S. Army Armor School. Raydon has designed upgrades that correct the training deficiencies of the older system and that reduce lifecycle support costs. Upgrades include the addition of .50 caliber functions, manual turret operations, and an Urban Terrain database. This program began in March 1999 and completed GAT in February 2003. The program is proceeding on schedule and within budget and schedule, with 83 trainers currently fielded.


MISSION: To procure a deployable Armor School certified Precision Gunnery trainer that will append to an operational M1A1Abrams Main Battle Tank, for use by National Guard and Active Army Armor units. The AFIST XXI trainer will meet and or exceed the current training capabilities of the AFIST and Conduct to Fire Trainers. The AFIST XXI is a Full Crew Interactive Skills Trainer (FIST) with the capabilities to train any combination of crew members. The Instructional subsystem shall be IAW the new FM 3-20.12 and will consist of the Advance matrix movement / scoring and Gate to live fire tables that prepare the Tank crew for live fire gunnery. The Host and Image generator will be PC based COTS .

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