Drozd 2

Manufacturer: KBP Instrument Design Bureau  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  


The original Drozd (Thrush) tank active defence system was developed some years ago and subsequently installed on T-55 and T-62 series MBTs. More recently it has been observed installed on a T-80U-M1 MBT.

The main drawback of the first generation Drozd, covered in a separate entry, is that it only protected the frontal arc of the vehicle.

Early in 1999, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau revealed that it had developed a new version called Drozd-2. This has been designed to protect the MBT, or other armoured vehicle, through a full 360.

Drozd-2 has been designed to protect both Russian tanks of T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80, T-90 types and all foreign tanks from anti-tank grenades, guided and unguided rockets. According to the manufacturer, the Drozd-2 provides a 3.5 fold reduction of tank losses on the battlefield.

The Drozd-2 system has been designed to engage anti-tank munitions fitted with different warheads, including those of a tandem configuration.

The system has all-season, round-the-clock and all-weather capabilities with an operational temperature range from -20 to +60C.


The Drozd-2 tank active defence system consists of three key components: the control unit mounted inside of the turret, two radar modules which are normally mounted one either side of the turret and the launch tubes for the munition. A total of 18 launcher tubes are fitted and each of these cover an arc of 20 in and from -6 to +20 in azimuth.

A typical target engagement would take place as follows. The incoming missile or projectile with a velocity of between 50 and 500 m/s would first be detected by the radar. This would measure the moving target parameters and at the correct time command a munition to be launched automatically into the path of the oncoming missile. The munition would then detonate at the correct time at a range of 6 m from the turret and its high explosive fragmentation warhead would divert or destroy the incoming missile.

Each missile is expendable and is of the high explosive fragmentation type with a calibre of 107 mm, a length of 445 mm and weighing 19 kg.

The Drozd-2 consumes 0.6 kW with the total system weight being no more than 800 kg.


Development complete. Ready for production.

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Drozd 2
Drozd 2
Drozd 2
Drozd 2