Manufacturer: Gavap  
Product type: Training Simulators & Training Aids  
Name: Crew training simulator  


Ergonomics of the gunner and chief station identical to the real environment combat conditions

Easily transportable and quickly installed.

The flexibility offered by the exercises creation system enables user to realize various families exercises at the chief and gunner machine level.

The shooting effects and consequences are differentiated according to the ammunition.

Enables each shooting analysis.

Enriched cartography with APP6 tactical symbols


  • These simulators are intended for the formations and equipped units with ERC 90:

  • Application school of the armoured weapon cavalry of Saumur,

  • 1°RCA of Canjuers,

  • 4ème RCh of Gap,

  • 1st RHP of Tarbes and 6 overseas units.

Detailed description

The trainer enables the individual and simultaneous turret team members formation and the collective instruction in preparation , execution of the shooting sequences , shooting and the gun using (without provisioning).

For the initial individual formation, it enables to form chiefs or gunners on:

  • the using of real material respecting the procedures;

  • the knowledge and the use of representative stages and order means;

  • shooting sequences to the principal armament with various ammunitions (OCC, Ofl, Ofum, OE);

  • redoubling shooting techniques when you miss.

For the initial instruction of the crew it enables to create team cohesion on technical level:

  • actions coordination when shooting;

  • automatisms collective training (redoubling shoots);

  • operator dialogue training (breakdowns diagnosis, incidents...).

In the context of gunners regular training , the employment of the shooting trainer develops, until the state of reflex, the individual and collective automatisms in individual or collective exercises:

  • execution of the shooting sequences (coordination, precision, speed);

  • operator dialogue controling (incidental diagnoses, breakdown...) and the breakdowns and incidents reactions;

  • control procedures;

  • shooting and fires control training to the group level.


Enables single and crew shooting training, therealization of instruction shooting sessions on ERC 90 and on group fires control, without using to armoured vehicle.

The flexibility offered by the exercises creation system enable the preparator to create various exercises families at the chief and gunner machine levels.

Data bases (urban and desert of 5 X 5 km), possibility to obtain a cartographic base due to the top view,

Enriched cartography with tactical true to APP6 symbols,

Equipped vision thermal.

Simulator components are designed to be easily transportable and quickly installed. Each cabin is presented as a case containing all necessary elements to work.

The simulator upgrades easily to integrate the evolutions consequences for the ERC 90 turret (new motorization turret, addition of a thermal camera with independent monitor image visualization, replacement of the gunner pointing ordering by a swing bar...).

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