Manufacturer: ELTA Systems Ltd.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Reconnaissance Vehicle  


The EL/I-3302 is a modular, mobile, day & night Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicle (ISRV) capable to operate in rough terrain, performing ISR missions in all weather conditions.

This ISRV operates 24/7 a variety of sensors locally and/ or remotely controlled.

The sensor suite detects, classifies, identifies and tracks targets of interest, creates a real-time situation awareness picture of the area of interest and sends reports to friendly forces.

The System's Modular Sensor Suite includes:

  • Ground Movement Detection Radar (on-board and remote)

  • Day & Night Electro-Optical Sensors, including Laser Range Finder (LRF) and Laser Pointer (LP) (on-board and remote)

  • Navigation System (on-board/option): embedded GPS and North Finder; hybrid land navigation system (INS/GPS)

  • COMINT/DF System (on-board)

  • Wireless Communications, Data Link and/or SATCOM (on-board)

  • Unattended Seismic & Acoustic Sensors (remote)

  • Tactical UAV equipped with E/O Payload (remote)

  • Short Wave Infra-Red Gunshot Detection System-GDS

The sensors are operated and monitored by Multi Purpose Work-Stations installed inside the vehicle. One Work-Station serves as a Command & Control Station, receiving information requests and sending intelligence reports.


  • Military and para-military mission support

  • Data fusion to create a dynamic, real-time accurate situation awareness picture, designating targets of interest

  • Dissemination of intelligence reports to headquarters and to field commanders

  • High mobility and fast deployment, even in rough terrain

  • Planning and managing of surveillance missions over areas of interest

  • Operable either alone or as part of an ISR Centric Network

  • Post-mission analysis and history replay

  • Folded sensors, hidden inside the vehicle, for unidentified movements on standard roads

  • Open architecture to enable future growth

  • Sensors are installable on any vehicle preferred by the customer

  • Armor protection for the vehicle included. Light version available by removing the armour protection

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