Manufacturer: Kent Periscopes Limited  
Product type: Vision Devices  
Name: Combined periscopic viewing device  

The Sabre sight has been developed to provide a comprehensive, combined Day/Day or Day/Night capability for Commanders and Gunners of small armoured fighting vehicles and as an extremely capable Reversionary Sight for larger vehicles.

Sabre has been chosen for service with numerous armed forces around the world and represents a proven electro-optical solution.

Originally built for vehicles with small, one man turrets and cupolas, Sabre is designed to fit within a very compact space envelope. As a result it can be fitted to most armoured fighting vehicles and is increasingly seen as an attractive solution to the requirement for Reversionary Sights.

Sabre affords complete capability for :

  • Surveillance

  • Target Acquisition

  • Firing of Main Armament

  • Observing fall of shot

Kent Periscopes is able to provide a number of variants of the Sabre sight based on the numerous options available, such as:

  • Day channels (x1 and/or magnified)

  • A magnified image intensified night channel with illuminated graticule

  • Linkage arm for connecting to the elevating mass of the vehicle gun

  • Extended head

  • Modified eyepiece

  • Fit from either inside or outside of the vehicle

Where space is particularly limited, a Narrow Sabre can be supplied as an extremely effective reversionary sight.

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