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MILKOR (Pty) Ltd South Africa Announces itís new Lightweight Under Barrel Grenade Launcher

Category: Defence Industry

The new 40mm under barrel grenade launcher

Due to a worldwide growing demand for a simple, easy to operate, robust but light- weight single shot Under Barrel Grenade Launcher UBGL, MILKOR set about improving on their tried and tested US-Mk 4.

The original US-Mk 4 has a mass of 1,68 kg (empty) compared to that of the new US-Mk 4S which weighs 0.750kg with an Aluminium Barrel or around 1kg with a Steel barrel.

Unique features include a ďPush ButtonĒ trigger mechanism as opposed to an actual Trigger. Users stated the need to differentiate between firing mechanisms of the rifle and the Under Barrel as the soldier invariably, under duress, tend to pull the incorrect trigger if presented with two triggers. Another feature is the ĒSwing- to- the- sideĒ opening mechanism enabling the user to easily load all types of ammunition without having the rifleís magazine interfering or the slide mechanism not opening sufficiently to load a longer round.


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Model of the Milkor 4x4 will be displayed at DSEI 2017

MILKOR announces new Lightweight Under Barrel Grenade Launche


blindado Milkor (Mine protected carrier)


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