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Sagem named prime contractor for Phoenix 2010, program to test future land combat systems

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French defense procurement agency DGA has chosen Sagem (Safran group) as prime contractor for the Phoenix 2010 program, involving technical and operational tests to improve the efficiency of the French army`s future combat systems.

The contract is worth over 10 million Euros and is being conducted with the Land & Joint Systems division of Thales as co-contractor. Phoenix 2010 is a follow-on to the Phoenix 2007 and 2008 programs, for which Sagem was already the industrial coordinator.

The Phoenix 2010 program will kick off in the second half of 2010. Running for a period of 18 months, it will organize and carry out field demonstrations in specific areas, using hardware and software from Sagem and its partners, optimized for these trials. The tests themselves will be prepared and performed in conjunction with the DGA and the French army.

These tests aim to demonstrate new capabilities in close combat: tracking friend/foe positions, the robustness of tactical communications, continuity between mounted and dismounted phases, surveillance and air-land support.

Phoenix 2010 is designed to support the transformation of the French army to integrate network-centered operations, and the development of the associated technologies. Covering the regiment, company and platoon levels (joint services tactical group and subgroup / GTIA and SGTIA, in the French army), Phoenix 2010 will contribute to preparations for “Operation Scorpion”, a comprehensive initiative to support the army’s transformation.

The results generated by Phoenix 2010 could also lead to the acquisition of new equipment for integration in the army’s combat platforms to enhance their operational capabilities.


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