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Chinese tanks with Ukrainian engines took part in parade in Peru

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MBT-2000 took part in parade in the Peruvian capital Lima

New Chinese tanks MBT-2000 took part in parade in the Peruvian capital Lima on December 8, 2009.

Recently Peru has displayed interest in procurement of new systems of armament. This is linked with increase of military power of neighboring Chile.

In particular, local military consider the variant of procurement of 80 to 120 new tanks in 2010. According to the Peruvian printed media, they have already acquainted with Chinese Type 90 and MBT-2000, Serbian M-84, Russian T-90 and Ukrainian Oplot and Yatagan.

Earlier, in spring of 2009, Poland presented its tank PT-91 at the military exhibition in Lima. After the exhibition it has been left in the Peruvian army for trial operation.

And now, China has handed over some of its MBT-2000 tanks to this country. It is worth mentioning that the Ukrainian-made engine-transmission plant with 6TD-2 engine of 1200 h.p. is used in these tanks. These engines have proved to be good in the conditions of high mountains and high temperatures. Peruvian crews that had been trained before, drove the tanks at the parade.

Such move will substantially increase the chances that it will be Chinese tanks that Peru may procure in future. And this refers not only to new tanks but also to modernization of the fleet of 300 tanks T-55 that Peru is presently armed with.

However, in Ukraine they state that did not give permission to China to use its engine-transmission plants for supply to other countries. Moreover, Ukraine offers its equipment to Peru and in future will see that Ukrainian components wouldn't be supplied there by any other means.

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