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TiaLinx, Inc. Announces Launch of the Cougar10-L All-Terrain Mini-Robot with Sense-Through-the-Wall Imager

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Cougar10-L All-Terrain Mini-Robot

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- TiaLinx, Inc., a developer of miniaturized mm-wave radars with integrated radio and antenna arrays, today announced the launch of the Cougar10-L.

The all-terrain mini-robot system is capable of performing dual functions as Sense-Through-the-Wall Imager as well as an underground UXO and cavity detection unit controlled at an extended standoff distance.

The lightweight and agile mini-robot with tractable arm can be integrated with TiaLinx’s variety of ultra-wideband (UWB), multi-Gigahertz RF sensors for extended standoff surveillance of a premise for moving objects as well as scanning for underground objects. TiaLinx’s UWB RF Imaging development was sponsored by a SBIR Phase II from the Army’s PEO AMMO, PM-CCS.

Through a software-controlled interface which is integrated into a laptop, Cougar10-L can be remotely guided at lengthened ranges to perform mission-critical tasks. Integrated multiple cameras allow day and night visibility of a premise under surveillance for enhanced situational awareness.

The RF Scanner is mounted on a lightweight arm and transmits wideband signals that are directional and can penetrate reinforced concrete wall at an extended range. In the receiver, a signal detector circuit is employed to capture the reflections from targets. Amplitude and delay information are then processed in an integrated signal processor.

“TiaLinx’s Cougar10-L solution addresses two distinct functions: scanning and imaging concealed objects behind a barrier vertically as well as horizontally,” commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and CEO of TiaLinx. “The disruptive Sense-Through-the-Wall imaging technology from TiaLinx has been integrated with an easy-to-carry, lightweight mini-robot to operate at standoff, hence keeping the operator out of harm’s way. The remote wired or wireless real-time imaging minimizes the Sense-to-Reaction time significantly. Cougar10-L is available for rapid fielding and it costs a fraction of the systems from other suppliers that have limited functionality designed for horizontal-only flat surfaces. Further modifications are ongoing to provide remote sensing of movements in multi-story buildings.”


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