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ACMAT unveils a new generation of armoured vehicles: the Bastion PATSAS

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ACMAT unveils a new generation of armoured vehicles: the Bastion PATSAS

Open-shell, V-shaped and armoured 4WD, this tactical off-roader is designed for deep patrol fast attack and close combat operations.

Based on 60 years of military experience in the rugged and hostile environment of Africa and Middle East, the new BASTION PATSAS is specifically designed to meet the high levels of mobility, armour protection, payload and survivability in the most extreme driving conditions.

Open-top, this special feature allows the deployment of heavy weapon and missile platforms, the fitting of reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition systems as well as performing check-point mission and any special operations. The features of the BASTION PATSAS combine the famous rigid all-wheeled steel chassis and field-proven technologies to challenge all the theatres of operations.

Close combat operations:

  • Machine Gun Stations

  • Fire Support Systems

  • Self-protection systems

Ballistic protection up to level 3:

  • Standard NATO STANAG 4569.

Anti-mine protection level 2:

  • Standard NATO STANAG 4569, Run Flat tyres.

Wide mobility:

  • 1000-km cruising range without refueling

  • Extreme terrain and survivability

  • Full time all-wheel drive

  • Ground clearance 0.60 m,

  • Extreme environment -32C to +55C

Driving force:

  • Powerful 215 hp / 815 Nm

  • Gear box 5-speed auto or 6-speed manual

  • Central Tyre Inflation System

The vehicle is also available in the version Armoured Personnel Carrier.

With the BASTION PATSAS, the ALTV Open cab series Torpedo and the VLRA Commando, ACMAT provides a unique and comprehensive solution to operating autonomously with a maximum degree of tactical mobility and offensive power to Special Operations Forces units.


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