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Elbit Systems Delivers ISTAR Trainers and Armored Driving Trainers to IMOD

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Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today the delivery of two ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) Trainers to the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) for the training of surveillance and observation activities to be carried out on Israel's borders. Elbit Systems will also supply Armored Driving Trainers (ADTs) for combat vehicle training during the first quarter of 2013.

Elbit Systemsí ISTAR Trainer is a combat support and field intelligence trainer, designed to enable full simulation of real-life battlefield situations for Forward Observers ("FOs") and sensor operators posted in all types of terrain, performing border control and protection activities. The ISTAR Trainer allows FOs to practice joint strike and reconnaissance missions. The scenarios offered by the ISTAR Trainer are realistic situations depicting the actual borders to be observed by each FO. Interoperable with C4I and communication systems, the scenarios include fire planning, ranging and field operation as well as target detection, recognition, identification, acquisition and engagement in diverse environmental conditions, while using a wide variety of day and night sensors. The ISTAR Trainer is already in use; training new users and maintaining the operational readiness of those professionals already in service.

The Armored Driving Trainer (ADT) is mounted on a 6 DOF (Degree Of Freedom) moving platform specifically designed to provide drivers of combat vehicles with a highly realistic driving experience. The system supports driver training in a wide range of combat and non-combat scenarios, as well as in diverse weather and harsh field conditions, thus creating vital practice situations, such as driving under enemy fire or on dangerous slopes. The ADT is cost effective; saving time and expense, while providing mobile, scalable and modular deployment, multi-platform type support and a network-based and user-friendly interface. Since receiving the current order for ADTs from the IMOD, Elbit Systems has received additional ADT orders from international customers.

Elbit Systems Aerospace Divisionís VP - Training and Simulation, Alon Afik, commented:" "These orders for Armored Driving and ISTAR Trainers position Elbit Systems as a front runner in providing multi-faceted training technologies, such as border protection simulation, sensor simulation and C4I training."

Elbit Systems

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