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Plasan introduces the Spider-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle - a complete solution for Homeland Security and border protection

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Plasan Security Systems, a global leader in the field of customized integrated solutions for tactical mobile platforms, is introducing its Spider-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle – a high-survivability modular suite, providing a comprehensive solution for Homeland Security needs, including border protection - at LAAD Defense & Security 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on April 9-12.

Spider-SC1 is a manned, 4x4, armored, high-maneuverability, all-terrain vehicle, with integrated state-of-the-art technologies - including a surveillance system for long-range day-and-night tracking, video analytics, a tactical observation balloon, and a cutting-edge two-way communications system. It is a unique, high-survivability, superior-performance solution that allows the effective handling of today’s Homeland Security needs, including protecting borders; preventing the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and persons; and dealing with terror threats in peripheral areas. This one-of-a-kind vehicle allows surveillance, and the securing of especially large geographical areas, in a fully autonomous manner, independent of additional systems.

Plasan is also proud to announce that it is currently expanding its offerings to include a 360° tailored solution for the protection of critical infrastructures, developed to effectively deal with a broad range of terror threats, natural disasters, and safety hazards. This all-inclusive solution combines advanced physical, electronic, and logical security means and measures, to prevent incidents from occurring or mitigate their consequences - including loss of life, disruption of operations, economic losses, and environmental harm. It was designed to improve resilience, allow uninterrupted operation, and reduce liability.Plasan places its extensive know-how - gathered during numerous years of experience in providing fully tailored, cost-effective protective solutions - at the service of managers and operators of critical infrastructures. The expertise of the company’s highly skilled R&D team - in ballistics, in the analysis of a broad range of threats, in advanced materials, and in the simulation of disaster scenarios - as well as its hands-on military experience, allows it to conceptualize, develop, and engineer solutions ideally suited to deal with today’s diverse threats.

Assaf Baruch, Head of Plasan's Security Division in Brazil, stated: "Plasan is proud to introduce its pioneering Spider-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle at LAAD 2013. We are confident that this unique solution, along with our innovative command and control system, advanced mapping tools and simulation models, and our 360° solution for the protection of critical infrastructures, will ideally meet the needs of the Brazilian market. We are currently developing a mobile frontline command & control project for Homeland Security applications at the request of the Brazilian government, and with our new products and services, look forward to expanding our activities in this market."


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