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Bar Armour

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Bar armour installed on Ukrainian BTR-4 APC

Bar armour, also known as slat armour, cage armour and stand-off armour, is a type of vehicle armour designed to protect against anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade attacks.

It takes the form of a rigid slatted grid fitted around key sections of the vehicle, which disrupts the shaped charge of the warhead by either crushing it, preventing optimal detonation from occurring, or by damaging the fuzing mechanism, preventing detonation outright. It can, however, be defeated by tandem-charge designs, such as the RPG-27 and RPG-29.

Bar armour is favored over traditional plate armour not only due to its effectiveness against shaped-charge warheads, but also due to its much lighter weight, which improves maneuverability.

Sergyi Way

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