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German Army receives 30 Fennek JFST

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Munich/The Hague -- The Dutch DMO (Defence Materiel Organisation), responsible for the bilateral Fennek program, has ordered the modification of 30 Fennek reconnaissance vehicles to JFST (Joint Fire Support Team) status for the German Army on behalf of German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment (BAAINBw).

The contract includes retrofitting to the latest configuration state in the versions Forward Artillery Observer and Forward Air Controller, as well as replacing obsolete component assemblies and the corresponding software adjustments.

The total order value amounts to approx. EUR 88 million. The Fennek scout cars will be retrofitted to the Fennek JFST 1A3+ variant between 2018 and 2022 and then transferred back to the German Armed Forces.

The Fennek JFST has extremely high-performance observation equipment and a communication connection which enables voice and data radio from the air force and marines. The systemís tasks include battlefield monitoring, target acquisition and directing fire.

The Joint Fire Support Team consists of two vehicles, an artillery observer and a forward air controller.

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FENNEK (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Fennek (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

Fennek (Reconnaissance Vehicle)

FENNEK JFST (Reconnaissance Vehicle)


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