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Stadiametric Ranging

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Stadiametric ranging scale

A method of ranging in which markings in the field of view of the operator's sighting system are compared with an assumed standard dimension of the target - for example, the vehicle's height.

It is an alternative, but much less accurate, method of optical rangefinding. If a standard value is assumed for a key target dimension (e.g., target tank height = 2.5 metres), graticule marks can be set in the gunner's field of view which correspond to that dimension at different ranges. The operator determines which marks just bracket the target and reads off the appropriate range. This is a relatively quick, simple and inexpensive technique, but it is not particularly accurate, because the true target dimension must be close to the pre-determined value, the relevant target dimension must be clearly visible, and the gunner must be skilled in judging when the marks are bracketing the target.

In general, stadiametric marks are a useful secondary method of rangefinding, being relatively simple to implement in existing sights, both optical and electronic.

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11:33 01.08.2006

I wonder if the tankers still use this rather primitive technique.

13:09 01.08.2006

It is a back-up procedure if other equipment is down.

18:23 01.08.2006

Some countries still use T-34 tanks. For these tanks it is probably the mein sighting procedure.

10:28 02.08.2006

In T-series tanks this scale is availeble in the main sight, and in European and American tanks, in the anciliary sight. It is onlu used when something is wrong with the main devices, say the laser rangefinder.

09:26 03.08.2006

I wonder if the tankers still use this rather primitive technique.

This technique is primituve, but it does require some skills.

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