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US Army Receives State of the Art Simulation Systems for the New Abrams M1A1AIM Tank

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Abrams MBT

The US Army received the new ABRAMS M1A1 AIM Tank Driver Trainer and Relocatable Advanced Gunnery Trainer System. The equipment was installed at the School of Armour in Puckapunyal, Victoria.

The driver training system is a full motion trainer that allows for a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions to be negotiated without leaving a class room environment. The system also enables other students to monitor the progress of the driver under training and the instructor can inject system failures for the driver to respond to, with no risk to vehicles or personnel.

The gunnery training system will enable rigorous monitoring and analysis of the training and performance of tank gunners and crew commanders. Use of the gunnery simulator offers the potential for significant savings in ammunition expenditure and a lowering of impact on the environment. Full recording and scoring of the crew's performance occurs and there is zero ammunition cost if crews require further training.

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