Savings Served Up for Bradley Armor Plates

When a military contractor approached the Army with a proposal for significant savings on armor tiles for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the impulse to quickly go for the savings had to be postponed: The Bradley played such an important role in saving lives that keeping a steady flow of contracts was paramount.

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401st Completes M1114 Vehicle Transfer to Afghan National Army

A historic mission for the 401st Army Field Support Brigade came to an end, Nov. 12, when AFSBn-Bagram issued 49 M1114 vehicles to the Afghan National Army, under a Foreign Military Sales case.

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Stryker `Double V-Hull` Proven Success

More than 18 months ago, the Army`s Stryker combat vehicle underwent a game-changing transformation when the service took lessons learned from theater and incorporated an improved hull design to protect Soldiers from improvised explosive devices and roadside mines.

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Fifty-one new Foxhound vehicles for the front line

The MOD is investing £46m in acquiring fifty-one new Foxhound patrol vehicles for soldiers serving on the front line in Afghanistan.

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UK Ministry of Defence has announced plans to procure 25 extra Foxhound vehicles to add to the Army`s existing fleet

The MOD made an initial order for 200 Foxhound vehicles in November 2010 and a further 100 were requested late last year as part of a £400m package. The latest 25 will be in addition to this at a cost of £30m

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US Army plans major Stryker upgrades

Army engineers are designing and implementing important Stryker vehicles upgrades. The efforts are focused on technologies that will provide the platform a stronger engine, improved suspension, more on-board electrical power and next-generation networking and computing technology.

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Anniston Army Depot begins M777 reset program

At the end of April, Anniston Army Depot began a new reset program for M777 medium, towed Howitzers with assistance from BAE Systems.

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UK MoD confirms commitment to Specialist Vehicle programme in Armoured Fighting Vehicle pipeline

The UK MoD has confirmed in its Planning Round 2012 (PR12) announcement today that funding for its future Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) pipeline, which includes the Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme, is part of its core programme of committed funding, thus protecting the core component of Force 2020 for the British Army.

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Army sees 10,000 CROWS manufactured

The Armyis marking the manufacture of the 10,000th M153 Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station, known as CROWS.

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IDF will acquire 500 Sufa 3 jeeps over next two years

156 horsepower, diesel engine, room for five passengers, a load capacity of 1,053 kilograms, and speed up to 130 kilometers per hour - meet the Sufa 3 jeep, the IDF's new all-terrain vehicle.

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Patria`s mortar systems have not been used to fire cluster ammunition in Libya

During the last weeks Patria has been increasingly contacted about the possibility that Patria`s Nemo 120 mm mortar system or Patria Hägglunds` AMOS 120 mm mortar system would have been used in Misurata, Libya to fire 120 mm cluster ammunition (MAT-120) produced by a Spanish company Instalaza S.A. Patria strongly rejects this possibility. None of AMOS or Nemo mortar systems are in use of the parties in Libya.

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MPs Test Drive New Armored Security Vehicles

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. -- Faster and lighter than a Stryker. More protected than a humvee. A smoother ride than a Mine-Resistant Armor-Protected vehicle. More suppressive firepower than all three.

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LM Delivers Upgraded Fleet Management Technology To UK Armed Forces

Warminster, England -- An upgraded logistics information management software system, developed by Lockheed Martin for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), will provide the UK Armed Forces with significant improvements in the management of its tanks, trucks and all other ground equipment.

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Army Armors More Heavy Tactical Trucks

Arlington, Va. -- The Army has introduced modular, add-on armor capability to key portions of its fleet of heavy tactical trucks to include the new M915-A5 Line-Haul Tractor, Palletized Load System PLS-A1, and Heavy Equipment Transporter HET-A1, service officials said.

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US Army Releases 2011 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Strategy

Washington -- The Department of the Army today released its Fiscal Year 2011 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle strategy, defining how the Army will modernize and sustain its tactical wheeled vehicle fleets through Fiscal Year 2025.

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