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Auxiliary Vehicles

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Robotic FX, Inc. has designed and manufacturers the Negotiator Tactical Surveillance Robot, a low cost, highly versatile robotic system designed for use in emergency situations. The Negotiator Robot's purpose is to support a variety of first-response personnel with their difficult and dangerous jobs.

The robot employs a variety of camera systems (pan/tilt, night vision, etc.), which provide real time video to first responders, a two-way audio communication system which allows for discrete communication, and a series of sensors, which can detect most hazardous materials and then transmit the information back to the operator control unit.

The Negotiator also is capable of traversing rough terrain (e.g. a flight of stairs, tall grass, etc.) to ensure that first responders obtain the information they require from even the most remote location. The primary users are first response teams, which include Police, Fire, HazMat, Bomb/Arson, Military, and other government agencies. In short, the Negotiator Tactical Surveillance Robot was designed to operate as a tactical team member reducing the reliance on first hand assessment.

Negotiator (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
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