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Armor International has been a renowned presence in the Colombian armouring industry since 1981, recognized by the most prestigious organizations worldwide. By employing only the most finely trained professionals, Armor International has saved countless lives over the years and managed to position itself as one of the leading companies in its field.

Today Armor International has an 11,000-square-meter production and assembly plant in Bogota, Colombia, equipped with sophisticated machinery and cutting edge technology. The companyís large international distributor network encompasses America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Armor International has specialized in armouring all types of vehicles since 1981, including automotive, SUVs, helicopters, aircrafts, locomotives, trains, buildings, and boats. It provides armoured vests and accessories and often undertakes special projects.

Recognized internationally for its advanced machinery and highly qualified personnel, Armor International has revolutionized the armor market.


Armor International S.A. is dedicated to protecting lives by continuously developing and producing armor systems, as well as providing high quality service to our customers.


By the year 2015, Armor International S.A. plans to be recognized as the leading modular armor parts production company in Latin America and other countries.

Quality Policy

Armor International produces, assembles, and commercializes armour parts and systems that protect the lives of customers nationally and internationally. These products are held to the strictest quality control requirements, meeting and surpassing demanding international standards, including EN, DIN, NIJ, UL, and ISO 9001:2000. The Armor International team is a highly qualified group of professionals committed to continuously improving processes. We use only the most durable materials and advanced specialized machinery, guaranteeing excellence in both production and performance.

Customers can depend on us to offer unlimited, knowledgeable technical support, assessment and post-sale service. Contact Armor International today to see how we can protect you.

Hunter TR-12 (Mine protected carrier)
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