E Falck Schmidt A/S Defence Systems

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Contact: Jan Falck Schmidt, Director

Havnegade 53
DK - 5000
Odense C

Phone: +45 66 13 11 00
Fax: (45) 66 13 11 11


The company has been a contractor and supplier to programs on land baaed weapon systems for more than 30 years.

The programs ranges from development and supply of completee weapon systems through

upgrade programs to overhaul programs for different kinds oi Main Battle Tanks and Armoured Personal Cariers.

Development of new systems is mainly based on the philosophy to remove the solder from the line of sight and direct firing and to enhance his level of protection.

ETS (Elevated TOW System) The ETS has been developed in co-operadon with Delco Defense Svatems Operations, Raytheon, ENOSA and the Danish Army. The weapon ayatem has 4 TOW launchers mounted on top of a retractable mast which can be elevated up to approx 0.5 meters above ground. The TOW missiles can be launched from any position of the mast.

Mast Systems and Technology Development of mast systems is based on the technology used in our commercial production of arial work platforma This work platforma are produced in more than ten different models offering working heights from 14 m to 55 m (highest compact platform in the world} We are presently producing the retractable mast for rhe Anti Tank Guided Missile Systern (ATGM) to US Army as subcontractor to General Motors Defense, USA

Fire Support Vehicle We have developed and manufactured the Fire Support Vehicle - PNMK to the Danish Army


We have manufactured the PIRANHA for MOWAG, Schwitzerland The vehicles are now in use by the Danish Army.

ETS (Multi-purpose missile system)
M41 DK-1 (Light tank)
PNMK (Fire support vehicle)
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