Advanced Modular Vehicles

Type of activity:
Auxiliary Vehicles
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: Mr Jean Michel Rifler, Project Manager

P.O. Box 322, Abu Dhabi

Phone: +971 2 5544679
Fax: +971 2 5544679

The all-new Al-Dhabi vehicles, manufactured by the Advanced Modular Vehicle Company, have been engineered to provide the ultimate reliability in the hottest climate. The combination of the Renault technical know-how for the power train and our own life-long technical experience with vehicles used in the desert has resulted in this remarkable and highly efficient all-purpose modular vehicle.

Al-Dhabi provides the highest payload in its class as well as the best off-road abilities for the lowest fuel consumption.

Taking all specific military requirements into consideration, Al-Dhabi vehicle is available with dynamic central tyre inflation management, electrical black-out feature, anti land mine run-flats and standard anti personnel mine protection of the passenger compartment.

The modular concept of the frame and the body make Al-Dhabi a custom-made product that can accommodate any special need.

Al-Dhabi - AMV 170m (Tactical vehicle)
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