KBP Instrument Design Bureau

Type of activity:
Weapons & Weapon Systems

Shcheglovskaya Zaseka,

Phone: (+7 4872) 410750
Fax: (+7 4872) 426139

ARKADY G.SHIPUNOV - Designer General - Head of KBP, Hero of Socialist Labor, Winner of Lenin and State Prizes, D. Sc (Technology), Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the International Engineer Academy, Academician of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, Academician of the Russian Engineer Academy.

Being a direct defence production exporter, KBP Instrument Design Bureau is one of the world's leading companies in the sphere of design of high precision weapon systems and munitions. At present the following types of the weapon systems are designed, manufactured and offered by KBP for export:

  • Anti-tank guided weapons

  • Weapon systems for armoured fighting vehicles

  • Air defence systems

  • Ship-based weapon systems

  • Grenade launchers and flamethrowers

  • Small arms, automatic cannons and ammunitions

Moreover, KBP also produces and exports:

  • Hunting and sporting arms

  • Medical laser appliances

  • Tank gun-launched guided missiles

  • Artillery gun-launched guided weapon systems

1D2K (Laser range finder)
2A14 (Gun)
2A28 (Gun)
2A38M (Gun)
2A42 (Gun)
2A7 (Machine gun)
2A70 (Gun)
2A72 (Gun)
3UBK20M (Round)
3UBK23-3 (Round)
3UBR8 (Round)
3UOF19 (Round)
9K111 Fagot/AT-4 Spigot (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9K111M Faktoria/AT-4c (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9K116-1 Bastion / AT-10 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9K116-1 Sheksna / AT-12 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9K119 Svir / AT-11 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9K120 Ataka/AT-9 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9Kh949 (Thrower)
9M112 (Missile)
9M117 (Missile)
9M117M1-3 Arcan (Missile)
9M119M1 (Missile)
9M131 (Missile)
9M133 Konkurs/Spandrel (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9M133-1 Kornet-E AT-14 (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9M311 / 57E6 (Missile)
9119 Reflecks (Missile)
AGS-30 (Automatic grenade launcher)
Arena (Active protection system)
Arena-E (Active protection system)
AT-2 Swatter (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
AT-7 Saxhorn (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Bastoin (Guided Weapon System)
Bumerang-BM (Remote controlled weapon station)
Drozd (Active protection system)
Drozd 2 (Active protection system)
Gran (Projectile)
Hermes (Missile)
Kitolov-2M (Projectile)
Kliver (Weapon station)
Krasnopol (Projectile)
Krasnopol-M1 (Projectile)
Kvartet (Missile launcher)
Malahit (Acqusition and designation system)
Metis (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Metis-M (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
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