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AFCEA International

AFCEA is the association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems professionals. It is international, non-profit-making and widely recognised for excellence as well as high ethical standards. Through its world-wide chapter network, AFCEA serves over 35,000 members and is supported by over 1100 leading technology companies. Known for the high standards of its conferences and exhibitions and brought to a wider audience through its in-house SIGNAL magazine, AFCEA is considered a leader among top government, military and industry representatives.

AFCEA Europe

The European office of AFCEA International was established in Brussels, Belgium in 1982 to serve the European chapters and their members. There are currently 34 chapters in 22 countries within 5 separate regions (communicating in 19 different languages!).

The principal objectives of AFCEA Europe include:

Assisting existing European chapter activities and establishing new chapters.

Facilitating membership administration.

Organising and running European events, including TechNet Europe.

Maintaining a strong link with NATO HQ, NATO Commands and NATO Agencies.

Liaising with EU Communications organisations.

Encouraging existing and seeking new European corporate sponsorships and individual memberships.

Supporting SIGNAL magazine in promoting a European market.

TechNet Europe 2001

TechNet Europe is AFCEA's premier European event bringing together representatives from among its 34 Chapters in 22 different European countries, as well as strong representation from the United States. With a vibrant mix of national and NATO military and civilian defence staffs, representatives from many European government departments and the all-important attendance by a range of industrial organisations and companies, unified by an interest in communications and electronics services, TechNet Europe provides the ideal networking opportunity.

AFCEA's 22nd European Symposium and Exposition, TechNet Europe 2001, will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 October 2001. Under the title 'Effective E-Business - Enabling Defence' we shall explore the confluence of technological and management changes that electronic business processes are bringing to operational and support aspects of defence.

Electronic business and the associated networking capabilities have become pervasive giving access to information regardless of expertise, location, time and access device. This level of service requires an electronic infrastructure that is as reliable as today's telephone network. To handle the huge amounts of information that are being generated by the plethora of new access devices, this infrastructure will need to be scaled beyond anything we imagine today.

It should be appreciated that every electronic business will mean different things to different people. It is important to establish where the particular value is for a given defence function: it may be on the battle space, in logistics, for specific applications such as tele-medicine, or for recreational activities away from the front-line. This means going back to basics and re-evaluating the opportunities, the requirements, the risks and the values.

TechNet Europe 2001 aims to give you the opportunity to achieve all this by stimulating presentations and a focused exhibition to let you see what e-business can do for you.

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