Control Express Finland

Type of activity:
Electronics & Computers
Contact: Markku Vanttinen, CEO

PO Box 4
57101 Savonlinna

Phone: +358 10 424 4800
Fax: +358 10 424 4882

Control Express Finland (CEF) designs and produces military and Industrial Personal Computers (IPCs) and displays, especially for exporting companies. Our speciality is tailoring a unique solution for every customer, but we also sell standard products.

We import most of the components for our IPCs to keep our prices low, and our line of products also includes neural network programs.


Control Express Finland military computers and networking products are designed, manufactured and tested to more strict military standards and specifications than their industrial PC brethren. CEF military products combine power with an ultra-tough construction able to cope fully with the most hazardous environments.

CEF military computer models and communication devices are made to withstand punishment: if you are looking for military class durability, look no further. Our products have been designed to survive in situations where normal industrial computing products fail.


The aluminium casing used on our military computers is corrosion resistant and designed to offer best-of-breed protection against external shocks. IP54 rated protection against dust and spilled water is a standard feature.

Advanced thermal technologies used in CEF military computers make them a great choice for a wide variety of climates. Self-switching programmable heaters against subzero temperatures and heat exchangers for dissipating surplus heat while keeping the computer inside air-isolated from the dust and humidity of the environment are popular options.

An independent control / monitor unit forms a first line of defence against hardware malfunction. It can switch the heaters and fans on or off, and send alerts to the maintenance personnel when human intervention is needed.


Providing cutting-edge hard-disk suspension systems has always been our forté. The CEF military PCs add a new twist to hard disks with even more security for those situations where the computer is left unattended.

With IDE-RAID hard disks in removable suspended cradles, taking your data and programs with you for safekeeping is very easy, meaning these removable cradles add exceptional flexibility to the normal use of CEF military PCs.

A totally new computing environment with a new operating system, programs and data can be only a hard-disk swap away.


CEF's WSx is a 2U rack-installable military class industrial PC with a wide range of advanced reliability and usability features. It comes supplied with two removable hard disk cradles for 3.5in IDE-drives. These, in conjunction with our patented hard disk suspension system and a RAID adapter, make the WSx extremely fault-tolerant.

The processor cooling system uses heat exchangers, removing the need for a fault-prone processor fan. These cutting-edge features make CEF's WSx especially suitable for on-board vehicle use.


CEF's 8xs / 10xs is a compact, rugged, easy-to-use military class TFT display. It is dust-tight and resistant to water jets thanks to its full aluminium case. The case provides IP65-class protection, making 8xs / 10xs displays an excellent choice for damp and dirty surroundings.


The 19xs military class TFT display is especially suitable for graphically demanding applications, where its large resolution greatly enhances productivity and accuracy. The display element is suspended to protect it from vibration and external bumps and shocks.


By combining and modifying the components CEF has developed, we can easily provide customised industrial computers for our customers. One of the crown jewels of our product line is the hard-disk suspension system that can stand shocks of up to 100G while the hard disk is running.

The construction has been patented in Finland and in the UK, and patents are pending in many other countries.


Industrial PCs are more reliable than normal office machines. Industrial computers are designed to be easily serviced and adapted to industrial conditions. We test all our products to ensure they fulfil customers' expectations.

The burn-in process equals a week's run in normal operating conditions. The CEF reliability rating of our industrial computers is 461,726.77 hours, or 52.71 years. The value is updated in real-time.

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