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Auxiliary Equipment

13 Ha'Shiloach Str.
Petach Tikva

Phone: +972 777 515 600
Fax: +972 772 016 900

Elsight is a solution provider of ground-breaking hybrid (on-the-move or fixed) video/data capturing, recording and transmission for various real- tactical security and surveillance purposes/applications that are crucial to the effective operations of security solutions, assuring improved detection, verification, investigation and tactical operations.

Accordingly, Elsight's portfolio consist of broad variety of products including wearable and portable devices, Vehicle mounted devices and Fixed wall/fence mounting device (for various safe city and sensitive facilities management and surveillance ) - all controlled by Elsight's feature-reach C4i/Command & Control software for video/data monitoring, dispatching and recording.

Elsight's mission is to develop unique mobile security and surveillance solutions that satisfy customer requirements and meet growing market demand. Among our technical benefits:

  • Simultaneous transmission while recording - all El-Sight products are capable of dual compression enabling local recording on-the-box, while real time transmission to the C4.

  • C&C Software for the C4 - El-Sight developed a feature reach powerful software (in Server Client architecture) for monitoring, control and configuration for the C4. The Software enables the users with access control, layout configuration of the cameras and devices in field and sophisticated processing of the recorded files at field. In case the customer has its own Command and control software, El-Sight can provide a comprehensive and feature reach API for easy integration.

El-Sight portfolio includes advanced products, part of them are considered as unique in the market:

  • The Multichannel for Data or Video– this is a unique device using an adaptive compression and smart shaping which is capable of bonding and aggregating several 3G/LTE (with fallback in between and to the Wi-Fi network) in order to achieve a better bandwidth hence better video quality, resolution, resiliency and availability . It is also a hub for connecting other El-Sight products (like Tactical units), IP cameras, etc. as well as data (like Telemetry, MIBs, Secure information etc.).

  • The Rider-H – A ruggedized product suitable for mounting on vehicles, with both Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE capabilities of transmission. It includes a unique patented HDD storage which immune vibrations and shocks. It also includes dual 3G antennas working in load sharing in order to increase the reliability of the cellular connection.

  • The Tactical MA2016 – Wearable tactical unit, light weight and very comfortable to carried by the infantries with real-time video transmission over 3G/LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity (can communicate with other devices such as El-Sight MultiChannel, through Wi-Fi) , with self-recording capabilities and audio chat connectivity with the C4.

As a result, our solution enables a reliable and high-available video transmission to decision makers for real time decision making purposes.

Elsight is a strong player among the military and para-military types of customers (like Special Forces, police sections, private security companies and first emergency units). Elsight is also a very intensive player in the civilian market for applications such as security of sensitive facilities (Gas/Oil farms, Airports, urban crowded Areas, Cash-in Transit) and Public transportations of all kinds.

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