Arzamas Machinery Plant

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Contact: V.V. Kopalkin

2, 9 Maya St.,
Arzamas 607220,
Nizhni Novgorod region

Phone: (83147) 4-07-80
Fax: (83147) 4-48-33

Armoured personnel carrier of each type is provided with ten seats for accommodation and operating of a crew including commander, driver, gunner and seven infantry men. The armoured personnel carriers enjoy high mobility and manoeuvrability thanks to the powerful four-stroke turbo-charged diesel engine, eight-wheel full drive (8x8), independent torsion-bar wheel suspension, high road clearance and central tyre air pressure control system. The armoured personnel carriers weapons are mounted in the rotating turrets.

The BTR-70 APC modernisation program includes power plant replacement, vehicle transmission improvement and mounting of a turret that is similar to the BTR-80 /BTR-80A turret. That allowed to increase operational effectiveness and maintainability. Large quantity of such vehicles are in service in Russia and in many foreign countries. Therefore, the BTR-70 APC modernisation program is a topical question at present.

9P122 BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
9P124 BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
9P133 BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
9P137 BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
9P148 BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
9P148D BRDM-2 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
BRDM-2 (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
BRDM-2 RKhb (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)
BTR-152 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-40 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-60 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-70 (Modernization of the vehicle)
BTR-70 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-80K (Command vehicle)
BTR-80M (Modernization of the vehicle)
GAZ-39344 SIAM (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
RKhM (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)
RKhM-4-01 (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)
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