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13:35 22.06.2005

We have started to support the RSS news export format. Subscription can be made at the page

About RSS

Format RSS is a variation of XML. Its basic purpose is to provide easy and fast exchange of content between sites establishment of information communication between servers.

At present RSS is used, first of all, as a format for publishing and provision of news export at news sites. After the information has been transformed to RSS format, any program, directed to this format, can load the information on updating of web-sites. And further, depending on the result, perform certain operations, for example, automatically update the list of actual information messages.

The basic advantage of such format for the user is the ability to collect and view a big number of news from different sites, consuming little traffic. Effectiveness of the format makes it possible to frequently update references and constantly remain in the picture, which is an additional advantage.

Software for working with RSS

Users can get access to the information in RSS format by means of special programs that are called RSS-agregators. They make it possible to simultaneously trace appearance of news at all sites without visiting each resource separately. At this, of course, there is no need to load extra information from the Web, related, for example, to design of web-pages.

Sequence of work in all programs is similar. It is necessary to find a reference at the site, which supports the news service. As a rule it is an orange colour rectangle with letters RSS or XML. Make a right click on it, copy the reference and then make a new feed and paste the copied reference in the program of reading the news.

To select the suitable program, enter "RSS Agregator" or "RSS Reader" in your favourite search engine. Brief description of some of them is given below.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are a lucky owner of this wonderful browser from Mozilla, you don't have to look for a separate program for RSS reading. Firefox supports this format as Live Bookmarks.

If you are at the site that supports this capability, for example at, a small icon lights up in the right bottom corner of the browser. Just click on it to add constantly updated news headlines into bookmarks. Very effective and convenient.

Mozilla Tunderbird

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