Manufacturer: Agencija Alan d.o.o.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  


The M-84 series of MBT is essentially an upgraded version of the Russian T-72 MBT manufactured in Yugoslavia and full details of this are given under Yugoslavia later in this section. First production vehicles were called the M-84, followed by the improved M-84A.

At the time of the locally called Homeland War, Croatia only produced about 21 per cent of the M-84,. the remainder came from other parts of the country.

Assembly of the M-84 was, however, undertaken in Croatia at the Duro Dakovic Workshops in Slavonski Brod and in 1996 RH-ALAN of Croatia stated that the latest version of the M-84, the M-84B, was now in production in Croatia.

The M-84A was the version developed for Kuwait which ordered a total of 200 vehicles in 1989, including 15 command tanks and 15armoured recovery vehicles.

By the time of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, about 15 vehicles had been delivered and more were delivered to the remains of the Kuwait Army in Saudi Arabia. Some of these vehicles took part in the recapture of Kuwait in early 1991.

It has been confirmed that the Kuwaiti vehicles have the SUV-M-84 computerised fire-control system with the gunner having a DNNS-2 day (x3 and x7) and night (x8.5) sight with independent stabilisation in two planes and with integral laser range-finder.

Other optical devices include TNP-160 commander's periscope (two), TNPO-168 V driver's periscope, TNPA-65 auxilliary periscopes (two for commander, two for driver and one for gunner), DNKS-2 day/night periscope for commander and PPV-2 passive persicope for driver.

The M-84AB is also fitted with a GPK-59 gyrocompass, VRQ 316 HE/HG communications equipment and BCC 600 intercom system.

More recently, RH-ALAN have stated that the M-84A MBT is available with two different fire-control options, the FCS-84 or the FCS Omega-84.

The FCS-84 is believed to be the SUV-M-84 which was fitted to the M-84A MBTs built for Kuwait while the FCS Omega-84 is also fitted to the M-84A4 Snajper (Sniper).

Key components of the FCS Omega-84 include the DNZC-2 commander's day/night sight, UMZ commander's control module, SCS-84 stabilised gunner's sight, UMC computer control board, UIR control and regulator, INZ commander's indicator, UPC computer control board, ZB gyro unit, elevation and traverse mechanisms, RUB distribution control unit, LIRD laser irradiation indicator and warner, intercom device and smoke grenade launchers. The heart of the FCS Omega-84 is the DBR-84 fire-control computer.

The SCS-84 gunner's sight has a day channel with a magnification of x10 and a 6 field of view, while the night channel has a magnification of x7.5 and a 7.5 field of view. The laser range-finder has a maximum range of 10,000 m. The night channel can be second or third generation image intensification.

The DNZS-2 commander's sight has a day channel with a magnification of x4.9 and a 10 field of view while the night channel has a magnification of x4.3 and a 10.9 field of view. The night channel can be second or third generation image intensification. The commander also has two TNP-60 and two TNPA-65 periscopes.


This is the M-84AB fitted with navigation equipment.

This is the M-84AB fitted with extensive communications equipment, land navigation system and generator for the command role.

This is the armoured recovery version of the M-84 series MBT and fitted with specialised recovery equipment. In appearance, the M-84ABI ARV is virtually identical to the Polish WZT-3 armoured recovery vehicle.

This is understood to have a number of improvements including a new SCS-84 stabilised day/night sight, DBR-84 ballistic computer and improved elevation and traverse sensors.

The SCS-84 sight uses an integrated three-channel optical system, with its day sight being fed into the right monocular and its third-generation image intensifier night sight is fed into the left monocular.

The day sight has a x10 magnification with a ballistic graticule to a range of 6,000 m. The sight's Nd:Yag laser range-finder has a maximum range of 9,900 m with an error of 7.5.

The DBR-84 ballistic computer is designed to operate with all of the upgraded sensors, including a roof-mounted meteorological sensor. With automatic and manual data entry modes, the computer is said to be able to make calculations for APFSDS and HE-FRAG projectiles.

This is a further development of the M-84 by Croatia and has a new welded turret with a distinct bustle which the M-84 lacks. In addition, explosive reactive armour has been installed on the turret and chassis for improved battlefield survivability.

In addition, the Degman will have a laser irradiation detector system with smoke grenade launchers for the jamming of guided missiles.

Mobility will be improved by the installation of a fully automatic transmission with five forward and one reverse gears.

In addition to the latest computerised fire-control system, the Degman will be fitted with thermal sighting systems for commander and gunner.

By early 1999, Degman had not entered volume production although a single prototype was shown in May 1995 with some elements of this in a mock-up form.

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V46-TK (Diesel engine)

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