Agencija Alan d.o.o.

Type of activity:
Contact: Mr. Dalibor Rihtaric Sales Manager

10 000 Zagreb
Bosanka 26

Phone: +385 1 3780 806
Fax: +385 1 3780 840

Alan Agency is an agency of the government of the Republic of Croatia, established for import and export of defence equipment and additional supervision of the defence equipment production for export.

  • Import & Export of armament for Army and Police requirements

  • Import & Export of armament for commercial purposes

  • Sale of army stock surpluses

  • Marketing & Market research of production & trade of armament

  • Consulting and agency for production and trade of armament

  • Agency, mediatory and representing activities

  • Agency for "offset" arrangements for production & trade of armament

  • Technology Transfer

  • Import-, Export-, Transit Liceneces mediatory services

By establishing Alan Agency the Government of the Republic of Croatia remained strict to the implementation of its transparent policy, keeping the defence equipment trade transparent and in accordance with adopted international obligations (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Conventions concerning antipersonnel mines, conventional weapons with excessive injuries, chemical weapons and bacteriological and toxic weapons). Agency operates within the frame of these obligations and according to Croatian legislation which defines the production, trade and quality of products.

Basic tasks performed by Alan Agency:

  • import and export of weapons and military equipment for Army and Police requirements

  • sale of army stock surpluses, that have become incompatible due to modernization of the Croatian Armed Forces

  • controlling the production of weapons and military equipment for export, by issuing the approval for production to Croatian producers, in consultation with the MOD

  • negotiating and stipulating contracts with foreign buyers for export deliveries (agency makes contracts for export production with Croatian producers

  • import and export of weapons and military equipment for commercial purposes

  • marketing and market research of production and trade of defence equipment, with assistance of the MOD expert team

  • consulting and agency for production and trade of defence equipment

  • agency for “offset” arrangements for production and trade of defence equipment

Alan Agency co-operates closely with the Ministry of Defence (concernig import and export affairs and other military aspects) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (requesting comments and suggestions regarding the political situation for every special contract).

Special attention is given to the implementation of offset arrangements in acquisitions of capital equipment. With its efforts in contracting the technology transfers and international technical co-operation, as well as implementing offset arrangements.

All of the incomes from exporting stock surpluses are reinvested into modernisation of the armed forces, which enables the development projects and creating new or improved systems.

4RL 60 M93A1 Obad (Self-propelled rocket launcher)
? (Sight)
CN-1 (Sight)
CN-4 (Sight)
CN-5 (Sight)
CN-6 (Sight)
CN-7 (Sight)
D-30 HR M94 (Towed howitzer)
HERON M93 A2 (Multiple rocket launcher)
LOV - IZV (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
LOV - OP (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
LOV - RAK (Self-propelled rocket launcher)
LOV - Z (Command vehicle)
LOV-Z (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
LU220 (Unit)
M-84AB (Main battle tank)
MV-3 (Mine clearing vehicle)
PC-1 (Sight)
RM-KA-01 (Mine clearing vehicle)
SIMTREND (Training simulator)
TK-130 (Truck)
TP 220 (Communication means)
TRC-20H (Unit)
TYPHOON M96 (Self-propelled rocket launcher)
VLR 128 M91A3 RAK 12 (Multiple rocket launcher)
VLR 70 M93A3 Heron (Multiple rocket launcher)
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