Andros HD SEL

Manufacturer: Northrop Grumman Remotec  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

The Northrop Grumman Remotec Andros™ fleet of hazardous duty unmanned vehicles is the preferred choice of first responders worldwide. The robust, mission-proven design of the Andros line keeps danger at a distance with:

  • Simultaneous tool mounts for rapid response during dynamic missions (i.e. suits changing needs as the mission unfolds)

  • A versatile array of two-way audio, video, advanced sensors, tools and controllers

  • Easy maintainability for minimal downtime

Made in the USA and backed by world-class training and post-sale support, it’s no wonder there are over 1,000 Andros robots deployed around the globe.

The Andros Titus is small, effective, easily deployed and provides advanced multi-mission capabilities to meet a wide range of user requirements.

The Northrop Grumman Remotec Andros HD SEL is the most powerful and versatile UGV in its class. Faster, lighter, dependable and rugged – speed and agility unite to make it a top choice for a wide range of missions.


  • NEW color pan/tilt surveillance camera, 216:1 total zoom with LED adjustable white light

  • NEW zero backlash manipulator option with internalized motors

  • NEW tracked rear articulators & lengthened front articulators for impressive stair climbing at 45°+

  • NEW integrated sensors in arm joints, articulators, and gripper (HD SXT only) for on-screen position feedback

  • NEW 10 factory position presets with room for up to 9 user presets

  • Color drive camera, B/W rear camera, arm mounted light

  • Up to 4 hours mission dependent

  • 72" Max. Gripper Height

  • 210° Shoulder Joint; 180° Wrist

  • 6" Gripper with 360 degree rotation, weapons with gripper capable

  • Multiple-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug-and-play capabilities

  • Ability to reach under automobiles

  • 4.3+ miles per hour

  • Maximum mobility through all types of terrain including sand, mud, and snow

  • Easily manuevers through openings up to 26" and over obstacles 8" tall

  • Dimensions: 30" tall x 26" wide x 39" long (with arm parked)

  • Weight: 245 lbs

  • Easy access to all components for troubleshooting

  • Supports most Remotec standard options

Vehicle Data / Communication Links

The three data links available for operator control of the ANDROS vehicle are:

  • Fiber-optic cable - deployed from the vehicle

  • Radio control (wireless)

  • Hard-tether cable

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Vertical obstacle (mm)

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Andros HD SEL
Andros HD SEL