HSWL 194

Manufacturer: RENK Aktiengesellschaft  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  

The HSWL 194 type was developed originally for the MARDER vehicle of the German army. Various variants where adapted to the original platform and multiple upgrades where done on the original vehicle. After more than 30 years in service the transmission is still in service.


The Renk HSWL 194 hydromechanical power shift, reversing and steering transmission has four gears forward and four reverse and can be operated fully and semi-automatically. This transmission is installed in the Henschel Wehrtechnik Marder 1 IFV and Euromissile Roland 2 surface-to-air missile systems used by the German Army.

The transmission can be mounted directly to the engine or via a connecting component. The output shafts are transverse to the input.

Propulsion drive is via a torque converter with lock-up clutch, shifting and reversing gear to be shifted under load with planetary gear sets, multidisc brakes and clutches. Steering drive is infinitely variable by a hydrostatic-hydrodynamic superimposed steering system.

As an additional brake on slopes a hydrodynamic retarder is installed. The central oil supply consists of a built-in reservoir, pumps, filters, valves and oil heat exchanger.

Controls include electric remote control for gearshifting and reversing, mechanically or hydraulically actuated steering, mechanical actuating of the emergency drive second gear forward and reverse when current fails.

A power take-off is provided to connect the hydraulic pump to the vehicle brake system.

Options for the HSWL 194 transmission include an external testing device, brake actuating system, sprocket drums, transmission suspension, connecting cable between gear selector, electronic control unit, transmission and vehicle, operating and output gear-type couplings, parking brake and final drives.

Futher development of the HSWL 194 has resulted in the HSWL 204 which is fitted to the Argentine TAM tank and VCTP infantry vehicles designed in Germany by Henschel Wehrtechnik and manufactured in Argentina by TAMSE.


Production. In service with Brazil (Roland on Marder 1 chassis) and Germany (Roland SAM on Marder 1 chassis and Marder 1 ICV). There has been no brand new production of any of these armoufed vehicles for some years.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)
Engine power output (h.p.)

Included in:
Product Amount
AADRV (Air defence radar vehicle)
Marder 1 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Roland (Anti-aircraft system)

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HSWL 194