Manufacturer: Textron Marine & Land Systems  
Product type: Stabilization Systems  
Name: Stabilizer  

Cadillac Gage™ Gun Turret Drive and Stabilization Systems (GTDSS) provide a complete range of actuators and controls has modular capabilities suitable to a variety of existing tanks. Best known as GTDSS, our Gun Turret Drive and Stabilization Systems have proven essential to the effectiveness of the M1-A1 Abrams tank. Today, these systems are being installed as original equipment manufacture (OEM) on the M1 family of tanks, as well as other tanks. During deployment in Desert Storm operations, the system demonstrated outstanding performance, both day and night, accumulating an impressive first-round strike-on-the-move record of greater than 90%, at distances up to 3000 meters, without sacrificing speed or combat mobility.

Available in both electrohydraulic and electromechanical gun drive options, GTDSS can be used in conjunction with Cadillac Gage™ fire control systems, or integrated into virtually any advanced fire control system on the market today. Electromechanical applications are also available for helicopters and boats.

Cadillac Gage's™ Fire Control and Stabilization Upgrade Kit, considered the most affordable shoot-on-the-move upgrade solution for older combat vehicles, can be easily installed on previous generation main battle tanks including the M60, M48, Leopard 1, Stingray, T-series and others. Its modular design can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Available features include integrated digital fire control and night vision capabilities.

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