Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The R-168-5KNE HF manpack radio station provides clear and secure radio communications in tactical command level radio networks in harsh ECM environment.


Transceiver and handset, telephone key, ASh-2.4 antenna, VNNL-5KN universal antenna "symmetric vibrator - inclined path" and a tower, 10NKGTs-4.5 type battery power supply, individual SPTA set, equipment elements, operating and technical documentation set.

Additionaly, at consumer's requers it is possible to deliver a charging unit and converter solar energy to electrical one.

Types of Operation:

One-band modulation telephony, secure voice telephony, ChT-500 frequency keying telegraphy, amplitude telegraphy, frequency telegraphy (with and without cyphering in FM telephony and ChT modes).

Operation modes:

Simplex or double-frequency simplex, frequency hopping -22 hops per second, automated adaptive communication (with and without ciphering in FM telephony and ChT modes, manual and automated radio data recording, transmission and reception of circular, address and tone calls, economiser, operation at 8 preset channels, scanning reception at 8 preset frequencies, remote control by the remote telephone set, automated functional testing.


  • ease of operation is provided by the automated selection and input of frequency keys and other radio data

  • possibility of operation by operators of different qualification

  • reliable communications in harsh ECM/ECCM environment by high-rate frequency hopping by the given algorithm in the whole operating band, analysing jamming and interference and hop on the best channel with minimum jam signal

  • automatic change the radios, operating in slave mode to master mode, when they both are in adaptive frequency-hopping communication mode, change them from secure mode to clear one and vice versa without destruction of communication

  • introduction of late entry in the network communication

  • change to any automated mode in any order without disruption of communication lets to act promptly against modern ECM systems

  • R-168-5KNE replaces R-163-10K (13kg) and R-143 (16 kg)

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