Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The R-168-5U(N)1E VHF manpack-vehicular radio station provides clear and secure radio communications in tactical command level radio networks in harsh ECM environment. The radio station is produced as a manpack, vehicular or fixed version.


Transceiver, handset «GID», handset MTT-1, rod antenna ASh-1.5, battery 10NKGTs 6-2, battery casing bag for carrying purposes, individual SPTA set, operating and technical documentation set.

In accordance with the customer desire, the delivery set can be added with: 6 sections of the rod antenna, an antenna installed on the frame, additional batery 10 NKGTs 6-2, recording device, cables and connections, counterpoise, additional casing , additional handset MTT-1, adapter, charging unit and converter solar energy to electrical one.

Types of Operation:

FM telephony with and without cyphering, transmission-reception of digital data from external terminal at the rate of 1.2 kb/s to 16 kb/s.

Modes of Operation:

Scanning reception at 6 preset frequencies, operation with cut in noise suppressor in FM telephony mode, tone call transmission and reception, listening watch power-saving, radio data input from recording device, simplex or two-frequency simplex at one of preset frequencies, remote control via two-wire line with a telephone from up to 500 m distance, earlier input data erasing in case of emergency.

Kinds of data transmitted:

Analog, clear and secure with the built-in ciphering unit; digital, from an external terminal; tone call at frequency of 1000 Hz.


  • ease of operation is provided by the automated selection and input of keys, frequencies and other radio data

  • possibility of operation by operators of different qualification

  • automatic tuning of antenna-matching unit for operating frequency

  • automated functional testing

  • reliable cyphering

  • transceiver is produced as a seal, impact strength case of aluminium alloy

  • R-168-5UN(1)E replaces R-159 (16 kg), R-159M (16 kg), R-163-10U (14 kg)

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