Manufacturer: General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Automatic grenade launcher  

The LAG 40 SB is a new concept in lightweight, user friendly and low maintenance grenade launchers. It is a stable, accurate and very reliable weapon that is highly successful in the international market. It is an automatic, belt-fed weapon firing 40 x 53 grenades at a rate of 215 shots per minute with an effective range of 1500 meters. The grenades are effective at distances of between 50 and 2000 meters, thus providing utmost response capacity in the most varying tactical situation.


The 40 mm SB40 LAG automatic grenade launcher has been developed as a private venture by Santa Barbara for infantry applications, where it is normally mounted on a tripod, and for installation in armoured fighting vehicles, trucks, coastal craft and helicopters.

The 40 mm SB40 LAG automatic grenade launcher has now completed development and in 1992 the Spanish Army took delivery of a preproduction batch of 60 weapons for extensive user trials in the tripod mounted infantry support role. Current production models are designated the 40 SB-M1.

The 40 mm SB0 LAG automatic grenade launcher is now in service with the Spanish Army in various configurations including the standard infantry tripod mounted version and installation on 4 x 4 vehicles, M113 series tracked and BMR-600 (6x6) armoured personnel carriers.


The operating principle is based on a long recoil system, the most appropriate to limit the stress on the mount, thereby increasing versatility. The LAG 40 SB may be fed from right or left by merely changing the position of some parts, which provides greater user flexibility.


Its operating principle ensures that firing can only occur when the bolt is locked, which makes it the safest weapon of its kind for the user. Its rate of fire allows defeating targets accurately at any distance while keeping the ammunition expenditure within reasonable limits. The LAG 40 SB has been designed to ensure a maximum operating capacity in all tactical conditions and its mount allows the use of day and night sights.

General Data

Caliber: 40 mm; System: long recoil; Feed: linked ammunition; Feed direction: left/right; Rate of fire: 215 rpm; Firing mode; automatic.


Weapon: 34 kg. Tripod: 22 kg. Cradle: 11 kg (24) / 13 kg (32). Case: 12 kg (24 rounds) / 19 kg (32 rounds).


Length: 996 mm. Width: 350 mm. Height: 250 mm. Barrel Length: 415 mm.

Ballistic Data

Muzzle velocity: 240 m/s. Maximum range: 2200 m. Effective range: 1.500 m.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Ammunition of the main gun
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Rate of fire (rds/min)

Included in:
Product Amount
TC-19 (Turret)

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