Manufacturer: Autonomous Solutions, Inc. - ASI  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Robot, Unmanned Vehicle  

CHAOS combines the strengths of current mobility platforms (legs, wheels, and tracks) into one complimentary design. Combined with industry-standard JAUS architecture, Chaos is perfect for almost any situation. This vehicle is ideal for moving in both rough and urban terrain. It can inspect caves, desert, office buildings, rubble piles, and snow.

Each leg can be rotated continuously like a wheel, enabling the robot to walk and pull itself over rough, uneven terrain. The chassis is invertible, and full operation is possible in either orientation. The independent control of each leg provides dynamic pitch, roll, and yaw orientation adjustment of the sensor platform. When appropriate, moving the legs to the upright position minimizes the contact patch of the track with the ground, in turn reducing energy losses and maximizing efficiency. The primary locomotion and steering comes from the independently driven tracks. Thus, the robot combines the concepts of wheels, legs, and tracks and consequently can minimize the limitations of each.

Uses Include

  • Rugged Terrain Reconaissance

  • Disaster-area Search and Recovery

  • Anti-Terrorism Work

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