Manufacturer: Soltam Ltd  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

This is a Soltam 155mm 52 cal towed howitzer with an APU for short movements and opening the trails. The APU can move the gun or power the mechanisms. The weapon can not be double-loaded, and loading is assisted by a power rammer. The elevation and traverse may be done by hand, by a battery, or by the APU. The gun can be lifted off its travel wheels by a battery or the APU. The weapon is otherwise conventional, although a GPS system and firing computer is fitted, as well as a telescopic sight for direct firing. A version of this weapon, using a 52-caliber barrel (as opposed to the 45-caliber barrel shown here) is used on the Slammer self-propelled howitzer.

  • Fully autonomous and maneuverable system - The ATHOS is capable of a range of more than 40km and utilizes a self-propelling capability and automatic laying mode. It is integrated with fully-computerized systems, obtaining automatic control, accurate navigation, and target acquisition. When deployed in the battlefield, the ATHOS can maneuver itself using its own diesel engine and special hydraulic-driven road wheels, which are also ideal for shoot-and scoot positioning. ATHOS within minutes. The hydraulic system allows for the crew of seven crew members.

  • Advanced weapon system for effective frepower - The ATHOS utilizes inertial navigation and aiming systems - including GPS and an onboard computer. The gun laying is performed using the INS without any external reference point. The laying system can be slaved to the computer to achieve automatic laying.

  • Robust solution for superior battlefield operation - The ATHOS is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions, using all qualifed 155mm ammunition in use worldwide. To ease the crew's workload and enhance the performance of the gun. ATHOS is equipped with an ammunition loader.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic operation with manual back-up

  • Integrated with complete electronic suite from gun level and up

  • Integrated with system command and control at all levels including FDC'S and FCS

  • Rapid deployment and short response time

  • Long range, with all 155mm / 52 caliber ammunition

  • Massive and accurate fre power

  • Integrated logistic support and all level maintenance program

  • Self-maneuverable artillery howitzer with automated ammunition loading system

Electronic System

The ATHOS electronic system - control, computation, navigation, navigation and aiming systems, an onboard fringing computer, a laying system, optical backup sights, and other control units.

Carriage Assembly

The carriage is the main support of the weapon, both in action and during transport. The carriage consists of a central structure with a main bearing, trails, and road wheels. The carriage carries all the auxiliary propulsion-unit components, including the driver's compartment. The Auxiliary Propulsion Unit (APU) supplies continuous energy to the automotive, hydraulic and electric systems, enabling autonomous system operation and short reaction.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Barrel length (calibres)

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