Manufacturer: Oshkosh Defense, LLC  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  

Oshkosh is a leader in the development of next-generation hybrid propulsion systems in tactical defense trucks. ProPulse is an unmatched hybrid electric drive system that provides dramatic benefit for military fleet performance:

  • Improves fuel economy by up to 40 percent over conventional power trains in harsh terrain.

  • Smaller logistics footprint. Since the system uses no batteries, they never need to be replaced. Rather, ultracapacitors are used for energy storage, and the amount of fuel needed to supply ProPulse-equipped trucks is less.

  • On-board generator. The system acts as an on-board generator, providing enough electricity to power a city block, airfield, hospital or command center.

  • Reduced heat signature. The truck can sit silently, draw on the ProPulse system to power equipment, and yet generate no heat signature since the engine doesn't need to be running.

  • Advanced safety technology. Unlike some other systems, users can discharge all stored energy from the truck, so maintenance personnel can work in complete safety.

The ProPulse system uses a unique, modular series-hybrid arrangement to simplify the transmission of power to the wheels. The diesel engine powers an electric generator, which provides direct power to the wheels, eliminating the torque converter, automatic transmission, transfer case and drive shafts. The system has no batteries, using ultracapacitors for energy storage instead. A regenerative braking function stores engine energy and then uses it to assist in the next braking operation, reducing wear and tear on the brake system.

This leading-edge technology is the first significant step toward the development of an entirely new generation of highly mobile and incredibly efficient defense trucks. Our focus is on enhancing performance characteristics while reducing the logistics footprint and making trucks environmentally friendly.

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HEMTT (Truck)

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