LSG 3000

Manufacturer: RENK Aktiengesellschaft  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  

The LSG 3000 automatic power shift transmission has been designed as a private venture by ZF and entered production in 1984. By mid-1999, it is estimated that over 1,500 LSG 3000 transmissions have been completed and licence manufacture was also under way i n South Korea for the K1 M BT and its two variants, the ARV and AVLB.

The LSG 3000 transmission has also been installed in prototypes of the Giat Industries private venture AMX-40 MBT which never entered production and is no longer being marketed. It has been manufactured under licence in Spain by Bazan for the repowered AMX-30E MBT of the Spanish Army.

It is also installed in the Italian Ariete MBT, the first production models of which were completed late in 1995forthe Italian Army. The initial Italian Army order is for 200 vehicles.

The LSG 3000 automatic power shift transmission has been designed for installation in tracked vehicles with input power up to 1,100 kW and with combat weights up to 62 tonnes.

The LSG 3000 was originally part of the ZF range of transmissions, but it is now part of the Renk family of tracked vehicle transmissions.


The LSG 3000 is an integrated system with the gear changing mechanism and steering gear accommodated within the same casing. Preassembled and tested assemblies are introduced into the one-piece casing through large openings and bolted in position. Replacement or servicing of any assembly can be accomplished very quickly.

This transmission has been designed for front and rear drive applications and various facilities at the input end make this transmission adaptable to all driveline configurations.

The LSG 3000 has four forward and two reverse gears and the converter operates with lock-up clutch in all gears to eliminate slip losses. A secondary retarder is incorporated in the LSG 3000 and this takes up most of the braking force. Mechanical brakes respond only at lower speeds when the effect of the retarder reduces.

The LSG 3000 has a superimposed mechanical three-radius steering unit and an infinitely variable range. At high speeds a sensitive infinitely variable steering is possible. At lower speeds and on rough terrain the fixed radii are engaged. By this combination the efficiency of the transmission is improved. This steering unit can transmit full power down to vehicle halt.

Central and side-mounted Power Take-Offs (PTOs) are available for fan drives and these operate at different levels to suit individual cooling requirements.

The electronic gear change control system is housed within a heavy-duty metal housing providing maximum protection against electromagnetic interference and mechanical shocks up to 10 g. The gear change programme is matched to the vehicle and gearbox parameters including the number of gears, transmission ratios and road and load conditions.

The final drive unit P 25000 completes the full selection of LSG 3000 driveline units and its episyclic gears are capable of multiplying the gearbox torque by a ratio of 1:4.67.


Production. Installed in all Italian Ariete MBTs, South Korean K1 MBTs and upgraded Spanish AMX-30E MBTs.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Weight (kg)
Number of forward gears
Number of reverse gears

Included in:
Product Amount
AMX-30 EM2 (Main battle tank)
C1 Ariete (Main battle tank)
K1 (Main battle tank)
RG-31 Charger (Mine protected carrier)

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LSG 3000