LSG 2000

Manufacturer: RENK Aktiengesellschaft  
Product type: Transmission & Drives  
Name: Transmission  


The LSG 2000 transmission was designed as a private venture by ZF and is a member of a family of fully automatic transmissions including the LSG 3000.

The first production application for the LSG 2000 is the now Marconi Marine, Land and Naval Systems 155 mm AS90 self-propelled artillery system, of which 179 have been delivered to the British Army.

The LSG 2000 and LSG 3000 were originally part of the ZF range of transmissions, but as a result of restructuring these are now part of the Renk family of transmissions.


The LSG 2000 is of modular design and construction for installation in medium-duty tracked vehicles with an input power of up to 820 hp (600 kW).

It is composed of nine separate operational modules, each of which is separately assembled and installed in the transmission housing. A number of additional units/ accessories is available including an engine connection flange/flexible coupling, speed range selector SGK-W, electronic automatic shift control unit AEM-6M, compact cable harness, steering linkage, actuating device for emergency gear shift, oil cooler, load sensor for pressure modulation, starter interlock for steering gear, speedometer including mounting kit, fan pump and final drive and brake. I The LSG 2000 has a torque converter with lock-up clutch and automatically controlled epicyclic gear train. It provides four forward and two reverse speeds, although alternative sets of gears can provide up to eight forward speeds if required. It also incorporates a hydrodynamic retarder.

The main advantages of the LSG 2000 are as follows:

(1) assembly and disassembly of the complete unit is highly flexible

(2) it can be tailored to suit engines and tracked vehicles across the appropriate performance range

(3) it is suitable for installation in front and rear drive vehicles

(4) it has a wide range of ratios possible to adapt the transmission to different engine speed ranges and vehicle speeds

(5) adaptation of input ground by means of variable distance between transmission and engine centres in both horizontal and vertical planes

(6) various versions of flange-mounted fan pump

(7) torque converter locked up in uneconomic operating range in all gears

(8) hydrodynamic primary retarder relieves the load on the mechanical brakes

(9) extended maintenance intervals for the service brakes

(10) easy to operate as it has automatic shifting cycles

(11) economic operation by versatile microprocessor-controlled drive programme

(12) pivot turning capability

(13) high manoeuvrability due to hydrostatic mechanical superimposed steering gears.

This combination enables infinitely variable steering at higher speeds and fixed radii for low speeds or on rough terrain with high efficiency.


The LSG 1500 is similar to the LSG 2000 but has a different capacity and a different steering system. The LSG 1500 fully automatic transmission has been installed in the private venture MaK Armoured Vehicle 90 and the Henschel Wehrtechnik TH 495 tracked vehicle shown for the first time in 1992. The LSG 1500 has a hydrostatic steering system while the LSG 2000 has a dual steering drive with a hydrostatic stage followed by a mechanical stage.


LSG 2000 in production for Marconi Marine, Land and Naval Systems, 155 mm AS90 self-propelled artillery system. LSG 1500 entering production for the Italian IVECO/Otobreda Dardo HITFIST infantry fighting vehicle.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Weight (kg)
Number of forward gears
Number of reverse gears

Included in:
Product Amount
AS90 Universal Turret (Turret for the self-propelled artillery system)
MILPAC 660 (Power pack)

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LSG 2000