Manufacturer: Elbit Systems Ltd.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Control and command system (C4I)  

Geared for the unit level and individual soldier, Dominator® enables forces to dominate the field by empowering infantry units with full situational awareness through networking into integrated information systems. Outfitted with the Dominator® land warriors can send and receive information in real time, view an up-to-the-minute Common Operational Picture (situational awareness of enemy and own forces) on personal displays, as well as live video from either external or on-body sensors and transmit images and positions back to the command post and colleagues. The system helps prevent unnecessary casualties, including friendly-fire mishaps.

Dominator® incorporates Elbit Systems’ C4I software solutions for the infantry user (C4I SW), based on C4I infrastructures for tactical forces. C4I SW was developed specifically to assure simple, swift operation in the most intense combat scenarios. It supports planning, situational awareness, target handling, devices connectivity as well as video and map displays. It also provides command and control functionalities for all levels of commands of light infantry forces along with interface to armored units, artillery and close air support.

Elbit Systems cutting edge communication systems provide optimal, uninterrupted information flow, arriving at the right time and destination. Dominator® interfaces and operates with all existing communication equipment. Infantry soldiers are equipped with highly-advanced, miniaturized high-tech tools mounted on backs or helmets for enhanced situational awareness, quicker response and ultimately, increased effectivity in mission performance. Every soldier is a platform; every soldier is a sensor. These systems, most of which are developed and manufactured by the Elbit Systems’ Company, include: LILY is a new family of lightweight Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights (TWS) designed for use by individual infantry soldiers, which provides significant advantages for operations in total darkness and in even the most difficult environmental conditions. The LILY TWS contribute significantly to the ability to acquire targets and increase first-hit capability. The TWS enable the soldier to more easily discriminate between false and valid targets in conditions of dust, smoke, total darkness (such as in caves and/or underground facilities), camouflage and clutter. By enabling the infantryman to see without being seen, the LILY TWS considerably increase survivability probability. MARS is an uncooled, hand-held thermal imager with target acquisition capabilities. MARS is extremely lightweight (1.7 kilograms including a rechargeable battery) and compact. Combined with low power consumption and an operating duration of over 8 hours before recharge, MARS is an optimal solution for a wide range of applications including, security and perimeter defense, infantry, scouts, special units and target acquisition for infantry commanders. TIGER® (Tactical Intranet Geographic Dissemination in Real-time) enhances real-time decision making at all force levels by unifying all channels, integrating them into one dynamic tactical intranet and creating interest-based, geographic data dissemination. TIGER® provides the relevant information at the right time and provides optimum message transfer, flow and continuous delivery. The generic, modular and scalable system can be customized to the full range of operational demands. PDU – Personal Digital Unit- a ruggedized, tactical powerful computer especially designed for the individual infantry warrior. The compact, energy-efficient, computer empowers the soldier with data processing and storage capabilities, includes an integrated GPS and the Integrated Infantry Combat System C2 application, and the TIGER® system. The PDU interfaces to all the peripheral elements, and as an option a PCMCIA Advanced Tactical Modem can be attached to the PDU to enhance existing radio's performance. Eyepiece - a high quality display for the C4I picture and live video and built-in LOS (Line Of Sight) sensors, the eyepiece may be mounted on a helmet, on the warrior's vest or as part of the weapon-mounted Fire Control System. Weapon-mounted Fire Control System -“automating” the interface of the weapons and sensors, fast and accurate target acquisition and engagement with special ammunition (40mm air burst, ballistic data calculation and aiming capabilities), shortening the sensor to shooter loop as well as improving sniping capabilities. Hand-held Display- a compact portable display, sunlight readable, 5.6" or 8" touch panel screen and operation function keys. This display is designed to display the C2 application and streaming video. MaXess®- Elbit Systems' Advanced broadband Military Wireless LAN supporting live video transmission and reception, based on advanced ad-hoc networking protocols, enabling the land warrior to efficiently close the sensor to shooter loop. Lasers - Lightweight ground Laser Designators such as the Portable Lightweight Laser Designator (PLLD) systems have been supplied to numerous customers worldwide.

The latest generation PLDR weighs 5.5 kg and designates to ranges of 10 km. Ruggedized to meet and even exceed harsh environmental conditions in accordance with IAW MIL-STD-810, it can be carried by an individual soldier and used for stand-off designation for maximum protection. The PDLR features an electronic compass and GPS, tactical computer for targeting laser-guided munitions and a see-spot day camera. It is the most lightweight PDLR available. CORALLS, a member of Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop's medium range hand – held thermal cameras. It's extended thermal and see-spot range and light weight have made it the choice of several NATO members. Designation and Reconnaissance Kit: combined PLDR designator and CORAL-LS hand held thermal imaging camera–combining day / night targeting capability, reconnaissance and see-spot functions in a unit weighing less than 12 kg. Laser Range-finders are used in various applications such as stabilized payloads, fire control systems and other tanks and anti/aircraft systems. The incorporation of Fiber Lasers technology has resulted in a family of very high repetition rate EyeSafe lasers based on optical fibers. CORALCR- a hand-held lightweight thermal imaging target acquisition system, including a laser range-finder, compass and GPS.

Power Pack - equipped with status indicator, the power pack's battery level is constantly displayed to the operator.

Dominator® interfaces with any communications device. Optimal operation is assured with the following Elbit Systems Land and C4I –Tadiran radios: Tadiran PRC-710 MB, an advanced, secured multi-band (30-512 MHz), frequency-hopping hand-held radio, covering VHF and UHF tactical bands, facilitates voice and data communications between air, ground and naval forces. Compact and lightweight, the PRC-710 enables communications from the palm of the hand and integrates into C4I systems. Tadiran PNR-500 (Personal Net Radio, 410-450 MHz) is a fully-functioning UHF communicator enabling 3-way conferencing on a single channel. Rugged and software-based, the PNR-500 supports air, sea and ground communications, with its Always Available feature facilitating the delivery of mission-critical messages. The radio can also be used as the wireless unit in Tadiran's vehicular intercom system. TORC²H® – (_BMS MOUNTED/DISMOUNTED) is an essential add-on to virtually any soldier and combat mounted sensor or weapon system, forming coordinated battle teams that perform their tasks with optimum precision. In addition to its combat networking capabilities, this system provides commanders and crew with simplified operational interface, enhanced situational awareness and data communication capabilities.

This system can be used by all dismounted and mounted soldiers and platforms and is a highly effective solution for sensor and weapon - integrated command and control. TORC²H® closes the sensor- to-shooter loop and optimizes data collection and dissemination in all modes of operation and scenarios. In addition, the system facilitates off-line operational debriefing. COMBAT-NG Artillery C4I System is the latest generation in the series of C4I systems for field artillery. It is designed for deployment from a single platform to brigade level, managing all aspects of artillery operation. Helic3om – is an advanced Command, Control, Communication & Mission Management System. A fully digital integrated C3 and mission management system designed to provide helicopter pilots and crew with data communications and transmissions, accurate, real-time tactical pictures and enhanced situational awareness, Helic3om makes the whole process more accessible than ever before. Helic3om is the key to reduced crew workload, expanded operational capabilities and increased mission safety for today’s multi-mission helicopters. UT30 Overhead Remotely Operated Unmanned Turret- is a dual-axis stabilized fully overhead unmanned turret capable of transforming every armored personnel carrier into an armored fighting vehicle with no vehicle deck penetration whatsoever. Its outstanding design features include a very low silhouette, light weight and a fold-down position no higher than 50 cm. Skylark® Mini UAV – is a compact, man-packed UAV for very close-range, beyond-the-hill reconnaissance missions. Designed as an excellent solution for smaller forces, the Skylark® is especially effective for yielding real-time intelligence at relatively low cost. See Through Armor System - provides the vehicle crew members with a panoramic, 3600 field –of- view. VIPeR®- is a small stair-climbing robot for “in-building” reconnaissance and improved next step awareness, effectiveness and survivability of the breaching force.

Elbit Systems’ IED Jammer -provides a "protection bubble" to both vehicle and fighters against remotely-controlled IEDs. It provides very wide frequency coverage (MHz to GHz) and interoperability with communication radios. V - RAMBO - Dissemination of Intelligence via DL (Data Link), VoIP and Battlespace Video Net Systems - from command posts to the individual fighter. Decision-makers can make effective decisions and ensure that they are implemented rapidly and accurately. The dissemination system includes the recently launched Miniaturized V-RAMBO Video Receiver and Monitor introduced by Tadiran Spectralink. The new V-RAMBO model features a video and telemetry receiver the size of a small PDA, which can be carried in a pocket or pouch. The video and data can be displayed in real time, either on V-RAMBO’s proprietary wrist-wearable monitor, or on other types of portable display devices, including PDAs and laptop PCs. TARGET - Tadiran Spectralink’s TARGET (Tactical Ruggedized Video Transmitter) is a video and data transmitter especially designed for use by Special Operations Forces (SOF) operating in Minor Tactics scenarios. Extremely compact and lightweight, TARGET can be carried in any pocket or pouch in a soldier’s combat vest, enabling users to transmit battlespace imagery and data from the zone of confrontation, upstream to mobile forward command posts and stationary Combat Communications Centers.

The ability to convey real-time video imagery from end units to upper echelons enables a “common language” to be established between all the participating forces and provides for enhanced situational awareness, more effective deployment of forces, prevention of friendly fire, improved firepower and more accurate damage assessment.

Many of these systems are currently deployed in combat zones worldwide.

DOMINATOR® can be tailored to meet individual customer needs and utilize standard communication equipment.

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