Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Sighting Systems  
Name: Sight  

PYTHON Thermal Weapon Sight, an innovative design, provides high performance thermal image. Optimized field of view enables user to perform threat detection extensively beyond the weapon's effective range.

The design modularity enables the unit to be mounted on any type of weapon, or it can be used as a hand-held system for instant surveillance.

Low energy consumption enables user to have an extended time of operation.

Its light weight and low profile provides advantage to the gunner. It operates in total darkness as well as day time and does not shut down or bloom in case of a direct light hit.

General Specifications

  • Programmable Reticles

  • Accessing Functions with Menu

  • Automatic Image Optimization

  • Image Freeze

  • Polarity Change

  • Gain and Level Adjustment

  • Focus Adjustment

  • High Resolution OLED Display

  • Dioptry Adjustment

  • Image Transfer to Head-up Display

  • Ergonomic Design for Hand-held Use

  • Shuttered Eyecup

  • Easy Use with Glove

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion or AA Battery

  • Battery Level Indicator

  • Mount for Rifles (Picatinny Rail)

  • Mounting with High Accuracy

  • Compliant to Military Specifications

Technical Characteristics

  • Frequency Band: Long Wave Infrared (8-12 /μm)

  • Detector: Uncooled Microbolobmeter

  • Field of View: 9,0 x 6,75

  • Magnification: x3

  • Electronic Zoom: x 2 and x 4

  • Video Output: CCIR

  • Remote Control: RS-232

  • Weight: < 1,7 kg (including battery)

  • Battery Life: > 12 hours


  • Picattiny Rail Adapter

  • Head-up Display

  • LCD Hand-Held Display

  • Battery Charger (220 VAC)

  • Solar Battery Charger

  • Cassette for AA Battery

  • Carrying Case

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