Manufacturer: Izyum Instrument Making Plant  
Product type: Target Detection & Designation System  
Name: Optoelectronic Unit  

Television channel

  • Detection (recognition) range of the side view of a 2.5 m × 2.5 m target under meteorological visibility distance (MVD) of at least 15 km, terrain lighting from 100 to 20000 lux and a contrast coefficient of min 0.4: 7 (3.5) km

  • Angle of the field of view in the range of: from 1.66×1.25 to 59.76×45

  • Working temperature: from -10 to +50

  • Power consumption: not more than 4.5 W

Thermal vision channel

  • Horizontal and vertical fields of view: 5.13×3.85

  • Detection (recognition) range of the side view of a 2.5 m × 2.5 m target under MVD of at least 15 km, and a thermal contrast factor not less than 1: 4.5 (2) km

  • Warm-up period under temperature -10: not more than 2 minutes

Distance-measuring channel

  • Required wavelength of a laser rangefinder: 106015 nm

A laser rangefinder must provide:

  • ranging to a 2.5 m × 2.5 m shield under MDI of at least 15 km and a contrast factor not less than 0.4: Maximum distance not less than 8000 m; Minimum distance not more than 160 m

  • maximum range error: not more than 10 m

  • frequency of the probe pulse emission three times in a row at 1 second interval, followed by an pause not less than 20 seconds, with an average emission rate measurement of the probe pulse 6 times per minute

  • Angular deviation between the TV camera aiming axis in the end position of the pancratic lens and the optical axis of the rangefinder emitter: not more than 2'

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Input voltage (V DC)

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